InstaMeet 2017 – 6 Riders and a Whole Lot of Likes

/ October 26, 2017

The roads of the Highlands have some serious horsepower behind them. They were crafted to hug the terrain and bring pure bliss as you carve each curve. The Ride the Highlands team loves our roads so much that we have to share them…literally. The Ride the Highlands team steered six social media gurus through Ontario’s Highlands at the beginning of

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Mmmmmm motocyclettes et microbrasseries – 6 microbrasseries et cidreries qui valent le coup

/ October 16, 2017

View in English Imaginez donner des coups de pioche à longueur de journée pendant des mois d’affilée sachant qu’à un moment donné, des gens sur deux roues en seront ravis. Les constructeurs de routes étaient de véritables artisans qui ont taillé les délicieux rubans sinueux dont raffolent les motocyclistes d’aujourd’hui. Or, un autre type d’artisan fait désormais ressentir sa présence

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Mmmmmm Motorcycles & Microbrews – 6 Microbreweries & Cideries Worth Riding To

/ October 3, 2017

Voir en français Imagine swinging a pickaxe, everyday, for months on end, knowing that at some point people on two wheels will really appreciate it. The road builders were true craftsmen who carved out the ribbons of the delicious twistiness that are enjoyed by all riders today. Another type of craftsman has emerged in Ontario’s Highlands and is delivering a

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Ride the Highlands Isn’t Just a 2 Wheeled Paradise

/ August 16, 2017

We all know the road builders of the past had a vision; to craft roads that would exhilarate and awaken the senses. To build roads that twisted their way through this rugged landscape we call Ontario’s Highlands and make a mockery of the straight boring roads being built elsewhere. Ride the Highlands has become the ultimate motorcycle playground, but it

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Riding and Relaxation – The New Type of R&R

/ July 5, 2017

Voir en français There isn’t a rider on the planet who wouldn’t appreciate a massage after a long day in the saddle. But riding and roughing it don’t have to go hand in hand, and this is especially true for Ride the Highlands. If you favour destinations that offer the ultimate relaxation experience, we’ve created the perfect riding and relaxation

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Why Ride the Highlands is one Kickass Motorcycle Destination

/ May 30, 2017

The road builders of the past had it right. Rather than build straight boring roads in Ontario’s Highlands, they had a vision and built roads knowing full-well that they were way more than just simple transportation grids. They knew someone would come along eventually and celebrate their efforts. They knew they would be on two wheels. That someone is the

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Kickstands Down – The Top 10 Historic Sites Worth Stopping For

/ December 22, 2016

Voir en français No really, these history lessons are worth pulling your steed over for. Most riders think of historical plaques as dull and boring and just crack the throttle as they cruise by. But we guarantee some of the stories you will learn at these sites will move you to your biker core. Riding through Ontario’s Highlands can sometimes

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Planifiez une sortie de groupe dans la région des hautes-terres

/ November 12, 2016

View in English La saison de la moto est arrivée, et si ce n’est déjà fait, il est temps de planifiez votre aventure Hautes-terres 2021 avec votre équipe. Avant de débuter, vous devez vous procurer une carte solide et fiable. Commandez votre carte gratuite des Hautes-terres en moto ainsi que des exemplaires à distribuer à tous vos compagnons de route

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Motorcycles and Main Streets

/ September 28, 2016

As riders, we’ve ridden through a lot of towns, each one unique in its own way. However, the one thing every town has in common is a main street; the street where all of the action takes place, often the heart and soul of a city or town. There is something about cruising down the main strip of the towns

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Perfect Patios

/ July 29, 2016

Voir en français Like you need yet another excuse to Ride the Highlands. There are the baked goods and smoked meat quests, the Polish cuisine cruises, the twisty road rides, sweeping vista views, historical settlement stories and now we are bringing you the Perfect Patios. Nothing says a summer ride like rewarding yourself with that perfect patio pleasure. Ontario’s Highlands is

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