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/ March 13, 2017

The 2018 riding season is almost upon us and we know you’re getting very excited to wake up your loyal steed from its long winter hibernation and let the rubber hit the pavement. This year we thought that rather than write a lengthy blog about the awesomeness of Ride the Highlands to get you excited, we would show you instead. A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?

The following are some of the best pictures taken during previous riding seasons around Ontario’s Highlands and posted to Instagram by fellow riders, tagging @ridethehighlands and using the hashtag #ridethehighlands:

Epic Twisties

This’ll do. #ontariomotoroads #exploreontario #vfr1200x

A post shared by Kanishka S. S. (@autokss) on

@autokss – Calabogie

@goofylookinhippy – Westport Bend, Westport Road

Group Rides

@motogirl_jess – Wilson St E, Perth

@themotosocial – Spud Box, Kaladar

What City?

the dream roll ✨💭

A post shared by szetoszeto (@szetoszeto) on

@szetoszeto – Private lake near Calabogie

Fall Rides

@mr.fwank – Hwy 60, Algonquin

@rygillies – Moto Camping, Lanark Higlands

Black and White

Bancroft trip 2016 #ridethehighlands

A post shared by Grenville Wilkinson (@grenvillewilkinson) on

@grenvillewilkinson – Bancroft

Thanks again to @twointhebushbikefun for having Dapper this weekend! Always a good time! #enroute #twointhebush2016

A post shared by Dappertildeath (@dappertildeath) on

@dappertildeath – Two in the Bush Bike Run, Harcourt

On your upcoming Ride the Highlands trip make sure you tag @ridethehighlands and use the hashtag #ridethehighlands for all of your Instagram posts; you could find your image shared on our Instagram page.

Still haven’t bit the bullet and signed up for Instagram? It’s not too late and only takes five easy steps:

  1. Download Instagram to your iPhone or Android
  2. Click sign up
  3. Create a username and password
  4. Follow @ridethehighlands and the other Instagrammers we’ve featured
  5. Start posting epic motorcycle shots

If you don’t have your free Ride the Highlands map yet, order it now and start planning your trip today. We look forward to seeing where the roads take you.

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