Handmade in Ontario’s Highlands – The Story of the Sought-After Handcrafted Motorcycle Kick Stand Pad

/ August 25, 2014

Riding a motorcycle leaves you very exposed to the elements, but there always seems to be this blanket of friendliness that surrounds you no matter where you are touring. You pull into a gas station to refuel and almost always a complete stranger comes over to chat about where you have been, where you are going and, of course, your bike. Kids on bicycles, trikes or scooters always wave as you pass and there is always the camaraderie with other riders on the road. It’s just one of the many perks of being on two wheels as opposed to four. Let’s face it, we all liked to be surprised with kindness, especially when we are on a motorcycle.

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When Ride the Highlands was first being developed, we wanted to ensure riders felt this same welcome hospitality at every stop. That’s when, at one of the partner meetings, Paul and Rosie Payer from the Limestone Bed and Breakfast approached us and showed their little gift of kindness to give riders when they stayed at their Bed and Breakfast in Marmora. They gave each visiting rider an embroidered towel to wipe off their bike and a handmade customized wooden kickstand pad specific to the brand of motorcycle they were riding.

Paul and Rosie

Bingo. We’ve seen kickstand pads before, given out at trade shows as promotional items, but these have always been the cheaper plastic versions, not handmade finished cedar with a leather strap. With Paul and Rosie’s help, we quickly began thinking of how we could create a customized Ride the Highlands pad as a small gift for riders who have chosen to ride here.

Ride the Highlands Kickstand Pad

In addition to operating their B & B, Paul runs a custom dock building company, so he is no stranger to creating masterpieces out of wood for local cottagers. He quickly began sourcing materials for a mass kickstand pad order; branding irons from California, leather strapping from Texas and Canadian Western red cedar.


He modified his shop to handle the multi-step process. To produce the 756 kickstand pads it took seven weeks plus:Pad Front & Back

  • 520 board feet of Cedar
  • 14 rolls of Leather lace
  • 180 hours of routering
  • 30 hours of branding
  • 8 litres of stain

Paul is very proud of his accomplishment to help welcome riders to Ontario’s Highlands and is hopeful there will be more production in his future as riders discover the incredible riding here. He says that the project was reflective of the hospitality typically found in the Highlands. “It’s a very personable, homegrown place that every rider wants to put their kickstand down on.”

Limestone B&B

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