I Brake for Baking – Top 6 delicious reasons to pull over for pastries

/ September 20, 2018

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Our legendary road builders worked tirelessly building the roads for you to enjoy today. As an incentive to keep the dynamite blasting and pick axes swinging, locals would often make and deliver warm sweet bread and cookies to the roadside to keep the craftsmen fueled.  This tradition continues today and is evident by the sheer volume of ‘carbo craftsmen’ who have set up shop in the little towns along the way.  Nothing makes them happier than seeing you out enjoying the ‘sweets’ of their labour on your bike.  Plan ahead to ensure you have enough space to load up.  We’ve tested and assure you… pies can be transported safely on a motorcycle.

Counter at Pakenham General Store

Photo Credit: Colin Field

We’ve compiled the best motorcycle friendly places to brake for baked goods and sweet treats.  Taste them all, and let us know your favourite fuel.


Butter Tarts | Hidden Goldmine Bakery, Madoc, ON

You know they are good when the locals line up at Hidden Goldmine for the butter tarts. On a hot day, opt for a butter tart sundae at the Miner’s Malt Shoppe, the newest addition – an ice cream shoppe attached to the bakery.

Hidden Goldmine Buttertart Sundae

Photo Credit: Erika Norris

“This is the perfect stop-over for a pecan tart and a cuppa joe. It’s my second visit to the bakery…Both visits have been in colder weather and I can hardly wait for the chance to make my way there on a warm summer day after a sunny motorcycle ride.” – Mike V. (Trip Advisor)

Routes: The Highlands Loop, Riding and Relaxation


Sticky Buns | Pakenham General Store, Pakenham, ON

Pakenham General Store is home to famous sticky buns. Good luck leaving their store without one of their oozing, sweet, caramel topped buns.  Once you get your sugar kick, head upstairs and explore the large gift and antique showroom.

Pakenham General Store Sticky Buns

Photo Credit: Colin Field

“The best thing about this store is the smell! Fresh baked goods daily are hard to resist. Lots of little gift items as well as a few groceries too.” Kristi S. (Trip Advisor)

Routes: The Highlands Loop, Deep Valley Run, Meand’rin Motorbikes


Pecan Butter Tarts | Flynn’s General Store and Gas Station, Flynn’s Turn, ON

This is one of the locations that you need to stop at. Flynn’s General Store is well known for their pecan butter tarts, but if butter tarts aren’t your thing, they also make a tasty apple fritter.

Treats at Flynns General Store

Photo Credit: Chris Hughes

Routes: The Highlands Loop, Dynamite Alley, The Buckhorn & Glamorgan Road


Maple Fudge | Penny’s Fudge Factory, Pakenham, ON

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Penny’s Fudge Factory is where you want to stop. Maple fudge is the all-time favourite here. The newest addition to the 50 flavours of fudge is pumpkin pie. You’ll also find local jams and honey, Pop Shoppe drinks, Madawaska coffee and Thrills gum on their shelves.

Pumpkin Fudge from Penny's

Photo Credit: Penny’s Fudge Factory

“Some of the greatest places I have found have been by accident on my motorcycle. I now add Penny’s to that fortuitous list …We were met with a warm welcome and amazing service. Second only to the deliciousness of the fudge…Well worth the stop!” – Shawn W. (Facebook)

Routes: The Highlands Loop, Deep Valley Run, Meand’rin Motorbikes


Apple Pie | Coronation Hall Cider Mills, Bristol, QC

Coronation Hall Cider Mills make a stellar apple pie…almost as great as their cider (sparkling and hard). Their location is quite unique, so be sure to leave yourself some time to tour the orchard, mill and dance hall.

Apple Pie at Coronation Hall

Photo Credit: Jason Thorpe

Routes: Deep Valley Run, Curvy Quebecor


Lemon Meringue Tarts | The River Bakery Cafe and Patio, Tamworth, ON

The River Bakery Café and Patio is well known for their fresh bagels and loaves of bread, but the lemon meringue tarts here are irresistible.

River Bakery Lemon Tarts

Photo Credit: The River Bakery

“We bought butter tarts, pineapple squares and lemon meringue tarts. They were all very good, my favourite were the lemon meringue tarts.” – Theresa D. (Trip Advisor)

Routes: The Highlands Loop, Riding and Relaxation

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