Ride the Highlands’ Most Memorable Roads – Part 1

/ March 23, 2018

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Long before saddlebags were a thing, the road builders of Ontario’s Highlands created roads that carve through the land showcasing endless vistas and charming small towns. Today, these roads make a motorcyclist’s paradise; they make us want to ride through this unique part of Ontario and tune into their stories.

Ride the Highlands is home to thousands of kilometres of uncrowded country roads and multiple preplanned single and multi-day trips. After years of testing the roads in Ontario’s Highlands, these select left our team with big cheeky grins every single time. Grab your lid, fill your tank and enjoy some kick ass roads.

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Map showing featured 5 roads in Ontario's Highlands

Click the map above for an interactive Ride the Highlands’ map.

Elephant Lake, Peterson & Loop Road

Towns: Tory Hill, Wilberforce & Maynooth | Map Link | 77 km
Worth the stop: Artech Glass Blowing Studios  

These roads cover kilometres of tight twisty bends that connect various small towns, and if you can manage to get the kickstand down, stunning photo ops.

Photo credit: Chris Hughes

Palmer & Quadville Road

Towns: Palmer Rapids & Foymount | Map Link | 29 km
Worth the stop: This road itself is the highlight.

The climbs and rolls of these two roads along the Madawaska Valley make for some serious eye candy.

Photo credits: Colin Field

Calabogie, 511 & Centennial Lake Road

Towns: Calabogie, Lanark & Perth | Map Link | 115 km
Worth the stop: Fiddleheads Bar, Redneck Bistro, Calabogie Motorsports Park & Mammoth Cheese

Any real biker can confirm the 511 from Perth to Calabogie is a must for your bucket list. Pair this with Centennial Lake and the Calabogie roads and you will be steering through twisty after twisty.

Photo credit: Colin Field

Opeongo Road

Towns: Barry’s Bay, Wilno & Foymount | Map Link | 59 km
Worth the stop: Wilno Tavern, Charlie D’s & Barry’s Bay Railway Station

The old Opeongo Road has a story to tell. Admire the abandoned log barns and take in the panoramic views of the Bonnechere Valley.

Photo credit: Colin Field

Bolingbroke & Westport Road

Towns: Maberly, Westport & Godfrey | Map Link | 55 km
Worth the stop: Tangled Garden Café & The Cottage Coffee House

The legendary 270-degree turn and Bolingbroke Road are tied together to make one curvy road.

Photo credit: Viktor Radics

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