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/ July 10, 2014

­­Welcome to Ride the Highlands, a motorcycle destination handcrafted specifically for you – the rider with a love for the open road. Unique features have been created to help make your trip planning go smoothly and every operator listed on the website has been put through a special criteria to ensure they are motorcycle friendly.

Let’s dive in and see what Ride the Highlands has to offer.


Ontario’s Highlands’ unique topography, made up of scenic landscapes, hand-crafted roads and bend after bend of never-know-what’s-around-the-corner terrain makes it the perfect adrenaline-pumping destination to explore by motorcycle. Each route winds itself through many small communities that tell the stories about what it took to settle the Highlands back in the 1800’s, when it was a harsh, resource-rich landscape.

The Routes

The roads have been tested by our motorcycle team, some even two or three times, to create four exhilarating themed routes. These loops vary in distances from 260 to 1000 kilometres. Whether you want a short day trip visiting the locks of the Rideau Canal and enjoying some of the twistiest roads, or a longer three-day trip riding the Highlands Loop around Ontario’s Highlands from end to end to end, you will not be disappointed.

The Highlands Loop – 1000 km

The Highlands Loop


Dynamite Alley – 508 km

Dynamite Alley


Deep Valley Run – 771 km

Deep Valley Run


Rideau Ridge – 261 km

Rideau Ridge


Top 10 Roads

Having so many awesome roads to choose from while route planning, we decided we couldn’t leave them out, the end result is a list of the Top 10 Roads in Ontario’s Highlands. The criteria we used for choosing these 10 roads was dependent on whether it brought out your inner child while carving your way along on your bike. These roads are so good that you will get to the end and say, “Let’s do it again!” Each road is located in Ontario’s Highlands and is easily accessible with a quick detour off the main loops. To see a complete list of the Top 10 Roads click here.

Top 10


Saddle Bag

The website’s unique “Saddle Bag” function allows you to pick and choose the attractions, restaurants and accommodations you would like to visit and store your itinerary in one general location. The Saddle Bag pins all of your picks to an interactive map that you can view. Riders can then see what routes the items they chose fell on to help in their planning.

Saddle Bag


Interactive Map

The interactive map allows you to select what you would like to see. You can view every route including the Top 10 Roads or just click on specific routes that interest you. This also works with attractions, accommodations, food, rest areas and repair. The selection process is so in-depth that not only can you select accommodations; you can choose what type of accommodation you would like to stay at. Planning your trip becomes a lot easier when you can select what you want.

Interactive Map


Must Sees

A list of Must See locations is also featured on the website and can easily be found at the top in a drop down menu. Each of the Must Sees selected are unique in some way and include both attractions and food locations.

Must Sees


Now that we’ve provided you with all the information you need to navigate the Ride the Highlands website, it’s time to plan your memorable trip. Use the Interactive Map and Saddle Bag functions to personalize your trip. You’ll be impressed with how easy and quick it is to create. Last but not least, share your trip with your buddies, they might like to join you.

Share your Route


Enjoy the Ride!!!

Enjoy the ride


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