Ride the Highlands Top 10 Roads Ranked by You

/ October 30, 2014

We asked, and you voted for the best motorcycle road to Ride the Highlands. It was a close race, but ultimately Elephant Lake Road & Peterson Road came out on top.

Elephant Lake Road

It doesn’t surprise us that Elephant Lake Road & Peterson Road was selected as the #1 road to Ride the Highlands. This 34 kilometer stretch of bend after bend of twisty goodness, makes riding anything but dull.

“[Elephant Lake Road & Peterson Road] …is all the reason you’ll ever need to get a motorcycle licence. Turn after turn snakes through forested hills, allowing you to test the limits of your skills and your bike. It is a must ride for anyone on two wheels.” – Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

Lined with trees and curving you past Elephant and Benoir Lake, you will pass many great scenic vistas along this route. This winding roadway and its local eating establishments are a popular spot for riders.

Elephant Lake Road

“I rode that road last fall. It’s great…of course, all of the roads in the Highlands are magnificent.” – Steven, Rider.

Want to learn more about this great road and what it has to offer? Click here for more information.

Now for the final results. Here’s the full list of how you, our riders ranked the Top 10 Ride the Highlands roads:

  1. Elephant Lake Road & Peterson Road
  2. Old Barry’s Bay Road-Palmer Road-Schutt Road
  3. The Buckhorn & Glamorgan Road
  4. Calabogie Road & Centennial Lake Road
  5. Highway 118 & 28
  6. Highway 35
  7. Arden Road
  8. Opeongo Road
  9. Loop Road
  10. Highway 148


While Elephant Lake Road & Peterson Road ranked supreme, all of the Top 10 Ride the Highlands roads offer a memorable ride. Add the Top 10 Roads to your list of roads to ride and check them off once, twice or ten times next riding season.

For more information visit www.ridethehighlands.ca

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