The Rider’s Contract- A New Years Resolution

/ January 8, 2016

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People make resolutions for all sorts of reasons. Some to lose weight, some to spend more time with their kids and others to quit smoking. There is no right or wrong or judgment that can be passed about someone’s resolution except for when it comes to motorcycles. The plain and simple truth is that if you own a motorcycle you need to ride it more. Period.

For some, the two-wheel steed takes a back seat to life’s demands. Raising kids, work, and being the neighbor who owns a pickup truck and says yes to everyone, leads to a demise of quality saddle time.

What a New Year does for us, is force us to take stock, re-evaluate where we’ve been, and plan where we want to go. Many riders look back and say “Damn! I wish I’d rode more.” BCH-RTH-BikersContract-LR

In order to maximize your riding time, we at Ride the Highlands are providing you with an official Personal Riding Contract. We feel that documenting a riding strategy will significantly increase the amount of miles added to your odometer in 2017. This contract is only between you and your motorcycle. It’s a commitment to ride more, to spend more time on the open road and explore new places on two wheels.


1. Print off the contract.
2. Spend one hour on Google maps dreaming about the places you’d like to ride.
3. Fill out the contract.
4. Have it witnessed by your motorcycle mechanic.
5. Ride.

Download and print your 2017 Ride the Highlands Riders Contract here

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