Ice Cream Cruise’in – 10 Cool Motorcycle Stops

/ July 13, 2023

As motorcycle riders, weather can heavily influence where and how often we stop for a rest. While coffee is a go to stop for many riders, especially during the cooler months, sometimes in the heat of summer we’re looking for something a little more refreshing. There is nothing better than taking a break from the saddle on a hot day of riding the black top for a delicious ice cream treat. The next time you’re looking for a cool motorcycle stop in Ontario’s Highlands, check out this list of Ride the Highlands ice cream hangouts.

Routes: Highlands Loop, Deep Valley Run, Meand’rin Motorbikes

Located in Pakenham, Scoops Ice Cream has been a favourite for rider for years. Serving up Kawartha dairy ice cream, milkshakes and the Hurricane (similar to another wildly windy treat from a chain restaurant), your group will find something to cool themselves down. Stretch your legs and walk to the Pakenham Bridge to enjoy your ice cream with a view.

Motorcycles parked in front of ice cream shop

Routes: Highlands Loop, Deep Valley Run

With lots of parking, Rosie’s is an excellent stop for your group to take a break. Enjoy a selection of scooped ice cream or try one of their tasty milkshakes. Rosie’s doesn’t skimp on portion sizes, so be prepared to get a big cone. Check out their other baked treats to load up your saddle bag.

Routes: Dynamite Alley, Fall Loop, Deep Valley Run

The Scooped Moose is located in the West Pines Park Resort on Lake St. Peter. Whether you’re moto camping or riding by, stop in for an ice cream treat including old fashioned sundaes, waffle cones, milkshakes and more. The Scooped Moose scoops late into fall, so if you’re riding the Fall Loop on a warm autumn day drop in for an end of season cone.

Dairy free options are available for our lactose free friends.

Routes: Highlands Loop, Dynamite Alley

A summer addition to the very popular Hidden Goldmine Bakery, is the Miner’s Malt Shoppe. Enjoy your classic cones and malted milkshakes, or try ice cream with a twist including their ice cream sandwich that is pressed between the bakery’s freshly baked cookies or their butter tart sundaes. Need we say more?

If your riding crew is lactose intolerant, no problem, choose between their sorbet and homemade gelato.

Hidden Goldmine Buttertart Sundae

Routes: Highlands Loop, Dynamite Alley

Enjoy ice cream with a view of Kashagawigamog Lake. On your way to or from your Ride the Highlands adventure, stop in to Kate’s Burger Counter for a choice of 15 Kawartha Dairy flavours which you can have in a cone or milkshake. Looking for a different cool treat? Give their juicy orange and peach lemonade a try.

Routes: Highlands Loop, Deep Valley Run

This ice cream shop may be small, but it has a large selection of Kawartha Dairy flavours to choose from. There is also creamy vanilla soft serve, homemade gelato and sundaes that are worth dropping your kickstand to cool down.

Routes: Highlands Loop, Dynamite Alley

Who doesn’t want to buy ice cream from a giant ice cream cone? The not hard to spot Minden River Cone is a great place to brake and enjoy the surroundings with a delicious ice cream treat. Enjoy soft served ice cream dipped in a selection of wild flavours and colours depending on your mood. Before you get back in the saddle, don’t forget the photo op with you and your bike in front of this landmark.

Routes: Highlands Loop, Deep Valley Run

You can’t get any more local than Brum’s Dairy, which has been serving the Pembroke and Ottawa Valley area for over 100 years. After exploring the many top 10 roads located in the area, brake at their dairy bar and choose from a selection of ice cream treats including 35 flavours, soft serve, sundaes, banana splits, ice cream sandwiches and new this year, ice cream nachos. This is a destination for all ice cream lovers.

Routes: Rideau Ridge

 A great coffee shop, the North Folk Café in Perth is also the perfect place to gear down and cool down while riding the Rideau Ridge. Enjoy their line up of handcrafted gelato with ever changing flavours including mojito, chocolate Skor bar, earl grey and raspberry. Take some time to stretch your legs and explore the historic town of Perth.

Ontario’s Highlands is a hot destination for riders, but these locations will cool you down. Add these stops to your itinerary for your next Ride the Highlands trip.

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