Rideau Ridge

Twisty road along Wolf Lake
The Rideau Canal is as equally impressive as the roads. Hand built by thousands of craftsmen, it allows pleasure boats to tour from lake to lake. Parking the bike at a lock to watch the feats of engineering at work is darn cool. The roads wind and twist their way around the Rideau making this the perfect route for a daytrip or overnighter. This is a relaxed ride that features small town charm, great restaurants and tons of view points of the canal in action. Get the full history of the canal here.

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Duration: 1 Day
Highlights: Rideau Canal, Mammoth Cheese (Perth), Westport Road, Highway 36

Please note:  Road surfaces vary from asphalt, to packed tar and chip and seasonal conditions may change or road work may exist.

Distance: 261kms

Area: Rideau Canal


Rideau Ridge

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