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Riders Checklist

1. GoPro Camera
You will definitely want to capture your ride on these roads.  Be sure to pack your charger and a portable hard drive to upload your footage after each day.
2. Cash
Some of the best food finds may not accept debit or credit.
3. Appetite

There is soooo much great local food here from perogies, to poutine, to butter tarts to smoked ribs.

4. Good Tires

Your ‘shoes’ will get a good workout on these roads so you want to make sure they’ll stick.

5. Bug Spray

If you come in the spring pack bug spray.

6. Smart Phone

Not for calling anyone (as you won’t have time while gripping the bars), but for taking and sharing pictures with all your buds stuck at work.

7. Routes and Maps
Be sure to either download the routes or print off the maps.  There are so many amazing choices.
8. Reservations

To ensure you get the ’Rider Approved’ accommodations be sure to book ahead.

9. Local Language

Be sure to brush up on your local dialect here. You might need to "dawn your cork boots and go on a tear".

10. Smiles

It’s actually best to practice at home so you don’t strain any cheek muscles.  We guarantee they will get a good workout while riding here.