Ride the Highlands’ Most Memorable Roads – Part 2

/ May 31, 2018

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We’ve been touting how the Ride the Highlands roads will make your sidewall sizzle for years. This summer is your chance to check them out for yourself.  In this, our second edition of the Most Memorable Roads series, we’ll look at five roads that will make you thankful that you’re a rider.  For further inspiration, read about more epic Highlands rides in Most Memorable Roads Part 1.

Map showing featured 5 roads in Ontario's Highlands

Click the map above for an interactive Ride the Highlands’ map

Highway 60 Algonquin Park

Towns: Eganville, Wilno, Barry’s Bay, through Algonquin Park | Map Link | 190 km
Worth the stop: Wilno Tavern, Bonnechere Caves, Avro Arrow Monument & Algonquin Park Visitor Centre

This iconic roadway which winds its way through Ontario’s best know Provincial Park is fantastic anytime, but especially vibrant during a fall ride.

Hwy 60 Algonquin PP Peak Fall Colours

Photo credit: Ontario Parks

Siberia Road

Town: Barry’s Bay | Map Link | 27 km
Worth the stop: Madawaska Kanu Centre, Avro Arrow, Riverside Café & Charlie D’s

Lean into the curves and enjoy the elevation changes as you drop south of Barry’s Bay through the Madawaska Valley.

Siberia Road

Photo credit: Martin Lortz

The Buckhorn & Glamorgan Road

Town: Flynn’s Turn | Map Link | 63 km
Worth the stop: Flynn’s

The buck stops at the Buckhorn, one of the best-known roads for riders. The Buckhorn with the Glamorgan added to it and a stop at Flynn’s for some butter tarts and fritters is pure riding heaven.

The Buckhorn Road

Photo credit:  Mike Jacobs

Lower Faraday Road

Town: Coe Hill | Map Link |25 km
Worth the stop: Hideaway Primitive Grill

This road’s ridiculous twisty fun factor is rated very high, making up for its low smooth factor.  It’s an ole classic tar and chip rip, so grab onto the bars and enjoy the ride.

Wollaston Scenic Route Hwy Sign

Photo credit: Chris Hughes

Marlbank Road

Towns: Marlbank, Tweed | Map Link | 23 km
Worth the stop: Tweedsmuir Tavern & Tweed Jailhouse

Earn your ‘get out of North America’s smallest jailhouse free card’ while enjoying this short little stretch of goodness. This road favors its long smooth lines and sweeping curves.

Tweed Jailhouse

Photo credit: Chris Hughes

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