InstaMeet 2017 – 6 Riders and a Whole Lot of Likes

/ October 26, 2017

The roads of the Highlands have some serious horsepower behind them. They were crafted to hug the terrain and bring pure bliss as you carve each curve. The Ride the Highlands team loves our roads so much that we have to share them…literally.

The InstaMeet Team posing for a fun photo

The InstaMeet team all pumped up and ready to ride.

The Ride the Highlands team steered six social media gurus through Ontario’s Highlands at the beginning of August 2017. During this InstaMeet, these moto enthusiasts felt the sheer beauty of the roads, met many hardworking determined locals, refuelled their bellies with kick-ass food, and learned about the vision of the road builders. These riders made Bonnie View Inn their home base while clocking kms, in-between putting down their kickstands at Artech Glass Blowing Studio, The Olde Ridge Authentic BBQ, and Sunrun Café.

Check out this video of their travels.

Each Instagram star shared a story about their experience riding in Ontario’s Highlands. Who better to hear it from than the riders themselves? Get links to each of their stories and Instagram feeds below.

6 Riders’ Journeys Worth Re-living

Jess Kline @motogirl_jess

Jess had an epic end-of-summer motorcycle tour while riding the Highlands. She notes that their accommodation in Ontario’s Highlands reminded her of a Canadian version of the resort from the movie, Dirty Dancing. In part because it was a legitimate ‘date ride’ with her all American boyfriend Casey.

James Bai @WobblyCat

13 years ago Wobbly Cat was first introduced to roads of Ontario’s Highlands, after putting millions of kilometres on his bike; he keeps coming back to the curves and twists of Ride the Highlands. He knows it’s something special.

Ginny Allen @ginny.allen

Ginny is one of those lucky ones who gets to spend every day surrounded by motorcycles. The only downside; she doesn’t get to travel far out of the GTA. Ginny shares how Ride the Highlands is a beautiful change for bikers with its twisty roads and crisp air.

Mondo Lulu @dzgnboy

City riding doesn’t even compare to the worst roads in Ontario’s Highlands. Mondo fell in love with the open roads of Ride the Highlands as each curve brought on something better. Well, until the next curve.

Casey Cordeiro @aircordeiro

We are not sure if Casey knew what he was getting into when he started heading north. Was he ready for the sheer beauty, infinite rows of trees, fresh air, scenery, riding endless twisties, gooey butter tarts, and good company? No, but he loved it.


Martin Lortz @lortzphoto

Martin is always hiding behind the camera. That being said, all that time spent behind a camera, has given him a talent for capturing authentic riding moments.  Nothing less is expected then a photo blog from this man.


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