Attractions en bordure des routes – Voir grand ou rester chez soi

/ August 16, 2019

View in English – Impossible de rouler dans ces grandes attractions littéralement, mais ce sont des destinations idéales à viser avec votre équipage en moto. Plus c’est gros, mieux ça vaut, n’est-ce pas? Il y a simplement quelque chose dans les  objets surdimensionnés qui capte notre attention.  Les hautes-terres de l’Ontario ne sont pas à court de ces arrêts à

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Ridable Roadside Attractions – Go Big or Go Home

/ August 9, 2019

Voir en francais – You can’t actually ride them, but they are the perfect spots to ride to with your crew. Bigger is better right? There’s just something about oversized things that grab our attention.  Ontario’s Highlands isn’t short on these stops with big appeal, so we’ve made a short list of locations where you can pull over, stretch your

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Les routes les plus mémorables des Hautes-terres en moto – Partie 2

/ June 11, 2018

View in English Depuis belle lurette, nous nous vantons que les Hautes-terres en moto feront frémir longtemps les flancs de vos deux roues. Cet été, vous avez la chance de le constater par vous-même. Dans ce deuxième numéro de la série Les routes les plus mémorables, nous nous penchons sur les cinq routes qui vous feront remercier l’univers que vous

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Les routes les plus mémorables des Hautes-terres en moto – Partie 1

/ June 11, 2018

View in English Bien avant la mode des sacs de selle, les constructeurs de routes des hautes-terres de l’Ontario ont façonné des routes qui se taillent un chemin à travers les collines et mettent en valeur des panoramas à l’infini et d’innombrables petites villes coquettes. De nos jours, ces routes forment le paradis en moto; elles nous incitent à sillonner

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InstaMeet 2017 – 6 Riders and a Whole Lot of Likes

/ October 26, 2017

The roads of the Highlands have some serious horsepower behind them. They were crafted to hug the terrain and bring pure bliss as you carve each curve. The Ride the Highlands team loves our roads so much that we have to share them…literally. The Ride the Highlands team steered six social media gurus through Ontario’s Highlands at the beginning of

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Riding and Relaxation – The New Type of R&R

/ July 5, 2017

Voir en français There isn’t a rider on the planet who wouldn’t appreciate a massage after a long day in the saddle. But riding and roughing it don’t have to go hand in hand, and this is especially true for Ride the Highlands. If you favour destinations that offer the ultimate relaxation experience, we’ve created the perfect riding and relaxation

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Best of Ride the Highlands

/ March 13, 2017

The 2018 riding season is almost upon us and we know you’re getting very excited to wake up your loyal steed from its long winter hibernation and let the rubber hit the pavement. This year we thought that rather than write a lengthy blog about the awesomeness of Ride the Highlands to get you excited, we would show you instead.

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Ride the Highlands Locals You Need to Meet – Part 1

/ January 24, 2017

We’ve all heard, “The greatest part of the journey is the people you meet along the way.” This rings true for anyone who’s had the opportunity to Ride the Highlands. Yes, Ontario’s Highlands’ topography is a rider’s dream but it’s the people that truly make this place so special. A location of early settlement, Ontario’s Highlands was once populated by

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Les patios parfaits

/ July 28, 2016

View in English Auriez-vous aviez besoin d’autres excuses pour partir en balade en moto dans les hautes-terres? Vous avez les quêtes de pâtisseries et de viandes fumées, les promenades pour trouver la cuisine polonaise, les tours de routes sinueuses, les vues panoramiques imprenables, les récits historiques d’établissements et maintenant nous vous proposons les patios parfaits. Rien n’assure une balade d’été

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Cruising Through Dynamite Alley – Some road trips are about quality not quantity

/ June 21, 2016

Story by Dustin A. Woods, photos by Virgil Knapp Dustin Woods is a professional writer and avid traveller who has been a lifelong motorcycle fanatic. Imagine his surprise and delight upon discovering that these passions could all be combined through his pursuit of motorcycle travel writing. Some road trips are about logging as many miles as possible to get to a certain destination,

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