4 Women, 3 Days, 2 Routes, 1 Ontario

/ February 6, 2023

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Each season of riding always seems to top the previous one when it comes to riding the Highlands. From the epic roads, to the amazing people and great motorcycle community, we’re always left feeling giddy every time we reminisce about the past year.

Four women, four motorcycles in front of the Welcome to Perth mural

One of our top highlights from last season took place during what we can only imagine was the hottest week of the summer, with temps rising into the 40s (that’s around 104°F for our American friends). We invited four awesome women riders, Cyndi, Nadine, Cecilia and Charlotte, from the Montreal and Toronto areas, to spend three days with us touring the Highlands and discovering first-hand why our region is one of Ontario’s signature motorcycle riding destinations.

Our adventure took us on parts of the Highlands Loop and Rideau Ridge. The women rode some of Ride the Highlands’ best roads including Top 10s, Centennial Lake Road, Calabogie Road & 511, Bolingbroke and Westport Road, with delicious food stops to refuel along the way.

So, what made this trip so memorable for us you ask?

  • The new friendships created – Only Cyndi and Nadine knew each other before the ride
  • Making our basecamp the beautiful town of Perth and taking in the local scene each night at Mex n’ Co. and Fiddleheads Bar & Grill
  • Watching each rider’s reaction when seeing Woody’s Cycles for the first time (watch the video above)
  • Discovering new roads to ride, including Narrows Lock Road, just north of Crosby
  • Losing our drone in the dense forest along Centennial Lake Road and thinking we had any chance of finding it
  • The skies opening up with a torrential downpour while we were thankfully stopped for lunch at CC’s on the Rideau

Check out the stories and Ride the Highlands highlights from some of the riders below:

Riding: 2012 Triumph Scrambler

Quote: “Your sexy bike needs sexy roads.”

Click to read Cecilia’s Story:

Riding: Ducati Desert Sled

Quote: “You’ll discover friendly people, and a place where we motorcyclists are welcome.”

Click here to read Cyndi’s Stories:

Riding: Moto Guzzi V7 III

Quote: “Every time I come back; I discover something new. There are just so many great roads out here.”

Click here to read Nadine’s Stories:

Reading these stories have definitely gotten us excited for the upcoming riding season, which will be here sooner than we know it. It’s never too early to begin planning this season’s trip. Get started by ordering our new 2023 Ride the Highlands map, which includes our new adventure route, the Pick-Axe Loop.

See you in the Ontario’s Highlands!

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