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/ July 18, 2018

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Updated Feb 2024

Over the past few years we’ve shared lots of secrets to get you excited about rippin’ it up in the Highlands. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the club, we have the insider’s tips that will make your trip. Check out the stories below for the best roads to cruise, places to grab a bite, or adventures to brag about.

Ride the Highland’s Top Asphalt

For most people travelling on four wheels, roads serve the purpose to move you from point A to point B. For the two-wheeled set, the road is the soul of your journey. As it winds, twists, and meanders, on a bike you become one with the road.  Ontario’s Highlands is a special place where straight lines are rare, and smiles are big. Have you carved all of these roads yet?

Man on motorcycle on twisty road

Photo Credit: Larry Tate

Gravel Greatness

You’ve been asking, and we have been wanting to pay homage to those unpaved pleasures for the dust demons that seek them out. So, we’ve created the Pick-Axe Adventure Route featuring some of the Ottawa Valley’s gravel greatness.


For the Ride the Highlands Foodies

Ride the Highlands is known for delivering non-stop deliciousness. From traditional polish food, gooey butter tarts, hoppy craft beer and mouth-watering BBQs, your saddlebags and your belly will be full. Check out our four featured stories that will guide you to the best places to ‘fill up’.

hand holding a butter tart in front of a store sign

All-Time Favourite Places to Put the Kickstand Down

As much fun as clocking 500 km a day is, it is important to slow down and enjoy what’s around us or to relieve the numb bum. If you are looking to break up the trip and extend your vacation, take the time to put down the kickstand and be a tourist. Learn about the best places to stop here:

Coffee Break in Smith Falls on the bridge

Photo Credit: Viktor Radics

Ride the Highlands Testimonials  

Curious about what your trip may look like? Check out what your moto-brethren has to say about their ride in the Highlands.


Kickoff Your Ride

Sold on riding the Highlands but need to know where to start?  Our philosophy is based on making your trip planning easy. We take the guesswork out of planning your trip, with every suggestion and every stop reviewed by riders for riders. Our pre-planned loops and features like the Saddle Bag make keeping track of your route and stops easier. Let’s get started.

Image of interactive map displaying the Highlands Loop

The Highlands Loop and points of interest

Now that you have the inside scoop, share with your riding crew and set a date to ride. Ride the Highlands is always happy to help assist with your group’s trip planning or give suggestions for your route. Give us a shout on Facebook or via email at, and be sure to join our growing Ride the Highlands Official Riders Forum on Facebook.

Don’t forget to tag us on your Instagram posts @ridethehighlands or #ridethehighlands when on the road. See you in Ontario’s Highlands!

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