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/ June 1, 2021

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There’s nothing sweeter than spending the summer on your bike. After a long, glorious day on the road, nothing is more satisfying than devouring the handcrafted, delicious treats you’ve found along the way.

Summer is way too short to search out all of the amazing must eat baked good locations on our Ride the Highlands’ routes, so we’ve created a mouth-watering list of stops for you to try. Skip breakfast and save a little extra room in your saddlebags for these epic road trip food finds.

Baked Goodness – butter tarts, donuts and more… we can’t stop drooling

Forget the raisin debate; as Canadians, we can all agree that butter tarts are the best. Lucky for you, Ontario’s Highlands can keep you fueled up on this delicious treat throughout your entire ride. If you’re one of those hardcore riders whose life goal is to search out the best butter tart by bike, then here are some stops you should add to your itinerary.

Butter Tarts

Hidden Goldmine Bakery, Madoc

Routes: Highlands Loop, Riding & Relaxation

The Hidden Goldmine Bakery has a variety of baked goods to choose from, but like their reviews say, the butter tarts are the best. Choose from their traditional plain or try their raisin, pecan, and coconut raspberry tart. If you’re riding in extreme temps, try their Miner’s Malt Shoppe best selling Butter Tart Explosion Sundae to cool off.

Other items to try: Lemon Gold Dust Bars, Turtle Brownies, Cinnamon Buns


Donut get us started (…sorry we had to) on the donut stops you’ll find as you ride through Ontario’s Highlands. Here are some delicious locations where you should drop your kickstand.


Little Coffee Shop, Cobden

Routes: Highlands Loop, Deep Valley Run

Located in Cobden, the Little Coffee Shop has a selection of baked goods to brake for, but it is their donuts that reign supreme. People come from all over the Valley to try their variety of flavours.

Rider Tip: Be sure to sample as many flavours as you can fit in your saddle bag, but don’t forget the all-time favourite apple fritter.

Other items to try: Cinnamon Buns, Cookies, Coffee Cake

Flynn’s General store, Flynn’s Turn

Routes: Highlands Loop, Dynamite Alley, Riding & Relaxation

Fill your bike and your stomach in one stop. Flynn’s turn, a popular staging area for motorcycles, is at the base of the legendary Buckhorn Road and has giant apple fritters and tarts to keep you on top of your game.

Other items to try: Butter Tarts


From Savoury baked goods to European-style pastries, the next two spots will have you stopping for sure.

Shamrock Bakery, Plevna

Routes: Highlands Loop

Shamrock Bakery is a must stop while riding the Highlands Loop. You will find yummy traditional baked goods, but the true rockstar is their jalapeño scones. These babies will give you the jumpstart you need for the rest of your ride. Also, make sure to try their made-from-scratch sausage rolls which are another Shamrock favourite.

Other items to try: Cream Cheese Apple Nutmeg Turnovers, Butter Tarts, Bailey’s Chocolate Brownies

I stopped at the Shamrock Bakery in Plevna… I was Her First Motorcycle Customer of the Season. AWESOME Food!! I also, was First Rider to Scoop a couple of Ride the Highlands Patches 👍 – Mark Beaumaster

Wildflower Bakery, Havelock

Routes: Highlands Loop, Dynamite Alley, Riding & Relaxation

If pastries are your favourite, then you must stop at the Wildflower Bakery in Havelock. Newly added to Ride the Highlands this year, you will find an amazing selection of European-style pastries. Don’t miss their seasonally fruit filled Danishes. You’ll be happy you stopped.

Rider Tip: Check out Wildflower Bakery’s weekly bread schedule of handcrafted organic loaves to pack in your saddle bag.

Other items to try: Chocolate Almond Croissants, Maple Leaf Tart, Apple Turnovers

Other Sweet Treat Stops:

Espresso Ur Self Café, Eganville

Routes: Highlands Loop, Deep Valley Run

Why you should stop: If you’re looking for delicious gluten free or vegan baked goods, this is your stop.

The River Bakery Café, Tamworth

Routes: Highlands Loop, Riding & Relaxation

Why you should stop: The River Bakery Café has your traditional selection of baked goods, but their lemon meringue tarts are beyond epic.

River Bakery Lemon tarts 1200

After a day of riding and all these delicious treats, rest your head and sleep off your sugar coma at any of these motorcycle friendly accommodations along your route.

Much like really good food, you can feel the difference that comes with experiencing something crafted by hand. Ride the Highlands’ roads are calling your name (and your appetite).

Eat well our friends, and enjoy the ride.

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