Mmmmmm Motorcycles & Microbrews – 6 Microbreweries & Cideries Worth Riding To

/ October 3, 2017

Voir en français Imagine swinging a pickaxe, everyday, for months on end, knowing that at some point people on two wheels will really appreciate it. The road builders were true craftsmen who carved out the ribbons of the delicious twistiness that are enjoyed by all riders today. Another type of craftsman has emerged in Ontario’s Highlands and is delivering a

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Ride the Highlands Isn’t Just a 2 Wheeled Paradise

/ August 16, 2017

We all know the road builders of the past had a vision; to craft roads that would exhilarate and awaken the senses. To build roads that twisted their way through this rugged landscape we call Ontario’s Highlands and make a mockery of the straight boring roads being built elsewhere. Ride the Highlands has become the ultimate motorcycle playground, but it

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Riding and Relaxation – The New Type of R&R

/ July 5, 2017

Voir en français There isn’t a rider on the planet who wouldn’t appreciate a massage after a long day in the saddle. But riding and roughing it don’t have to go hand in hand, and this is especially true for Ride the Highlands. If you favour destinations that offer the ultimate relaxation experience, we’ve created the perfect riding and relaxation

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Best of Ride the Highlands

/ March 13, 2017

The 2018 riding season is almost upon us and we know you’re getting very excited to wake up your loyal steed from its long winter hibernation and let the rubber hit the pavement. This year we thought that rather than write a lengthy blog about the awesomeness of Ride the Highlands to get you excited, we would show you instead.

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Planifiez une sortie de groupe dans la région des hautes-terres

/ November 12, 2016

View in English La saison de la moto est arrivée, et si ce n’est déjà fait, il est temps de planifiez votre aventure Hautes-terres 2021 avec votre équipe. Avant de débuter, vous devez vous procurer une carte solide et fiable. Commandez votre carte gratuite des Hautes-terres en moto ainsi que des exemplaires à distribuer à tous vos compagnons de route

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Top 5 Motorcycle Friendly Spring Run Off Lookouts

/ March 14, 2016

Voir en français It feels like forever since you tucked your motorcycle in for the winter. Leaving your two-wheeled friend covered up in the corner of the garage only to share glimpses of each other as you come and go to work. You’ve logged many hours watching motorcycle videos, waiting for the time to come when you can reunite and

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Time to Prep, Polish and Plan – Your Riding Season Starts Now

/ March 12, 2015

It’s been a long winter staring at your motorcycle, which has been put away for the season…waiting and waiting for the first signs of spring. There’s no better sight than when you notice the snow melting and the cheeky bare pavement starts to show. It teases you and starts to get you thinking about the season ahead. A few good

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Motorcycle Trip Planning Made Easy

/ July 10, 2014

­­Welcome to Ride the Highlands, a motorcycle destination handcrafted specifically for you – the rider with a love for the open road. Unique features have been created to help make your trip planning go smoothly and every operator listed on the website has been put through a special criteria to ensure they are motorcycle friendly. Let’s dive in and see

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