Mmmmmm Motorcycles & Microbrews – 6 Microbreweries & Cideries Worth Riding To

/ October 3, 2017

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Imagine swinging a pickaxe, everyday, for months on end, knowing that at some point people on two wheels will really appreciate it. The road builders were true craftsmen who carved out the ribbons of the delicious twistiness that are enjoyed by all riders today.

Another type of craftsman has emerged in Ontario’s Highlands and is delivering a different type of deliciousness… that of craft beer and cider. Clinking that pint of fresh brewed suds or cider and paying tribute to those who swung that axe and built the roads is just a cool thing to do at the end of a wicked days ride. With the hopping craft beverage culture in the region, there are six incredible ways to say ‘cheers’.

The brew-master hard at work, Whitewater Brewing Company.

The brew-master hard at work – Whitewater Brewing Company.

We all know that Ride the Highlands roads are lined with an abundance of notable attractions, restaurants and accommodations, but have you looked into the assortment of potions and brews? We have selected a few sick breweries and a cidery that deserve more than just a pit stop. We don’t believe there is a better way to stretch your legs than touring a brewery and playing a game of Tetris to see how much lager you can squeeze into your saddle bags to enjoy once you’ve put your kickstand down for the day. Please note that Ride the Highlands does not endorse drinking and riding. Please drink responsibly.

Boshkung Brewing Co.

Boshkung Brewing Co. is a small batch brewery that puts all their focus into great tasting beer. This is a excellent spot to stretch directly along Highways 118 and 35. After rolling in, pick up a growler to enjoy at your final destination.

When setting out, we suggest making Boshkung Brewing Co. a target around meal time. This microbrewery has its own upscale casual dining restaurant, Rhubarb. This is a popular watering hole for locals and cottagers so we highly recommend making a reservation for the crew.

Two popular picks from Boshkung Brewery Co.

Two popular tall boys – Boshkung Brewery Co.

Great pairings:

Where: 9201 Hwy 118, Minden Hills, ON
Contact: (705) 489-4554
Routes: Dynamite Alley, The Highlands Loop, Fall Loop, & Riding & Relaxation

Ashton Brewing Company

Ashton Brewing Company is a classic! When you stop for a bite at one of Canada’s authentic Irish pubs, the Ashton Brew Pub, you’ll understand how their passions have earned themselves a good rep. Right at the Ashton Mill, you will see where Amber, Cream Ale, Harvest Brown Ale and Vanilla Stout are brewed.

Motorcycles parked outside The Ashton Brew Pub

The Old Mill is always pleased to host bikers – Ashton Brewing Company.

Great pairings:

Where: 113 Old Mill Road, Ashton, ON
Contact: (613) 257-4423
Routes: Rideau Ridge
Local Rides: Meand’rin Motorbikes

Whitewater Brewing Company

If you are looking to refuel your own engine, Whitewater Brewing Company has two great locations to fill up.  Locally brewed and sourced, Whitewater Brewing Company works very hard to brew handcrafted beer using the highest quality ingredients to create their four original beers, Farmer’s Daughter, Whistling Paddler, Class V and Midnight Stout, along with their seasonal selections.

Whitewater Brewing Sign

Whitewater Brewing Company’s monthly blog to learn more about beer and for some delicious beer cooking recipes.

Whitewater Riverside Brew Pub

At the original location, Whitewater Riverside Brew Pub and the Bottle Shop are open all year round. Be sure to participate in a tour or purchase a few to enjoy later.

The perfect stop for a bite along the Highlands Loop – Whitewater Riverside Pub.

Great pairings:

Where: 22 Fletcher Roads, Forester Falls, ON
Contact: (613) 582-7227
Routes: The Highlands Loop
Local Rides:
Valley Sally & Curvy Québecor

Whitewater Lakeside Brew Pub

Gather the crew and make a reservation at the 24-person community table. Share not only good beer and food but stories of your adventure at Whitewater’s newer location, Lakeside Brew Pub.

Whitewater growlers all loaded up in the saddle bag

Whitewater growlers loaded up in the saddle to enjoy tonight – Whitewater Riverside Pub.

Great pairings:

Where: 78 Pembroke St., Cobden, ON
Contact: (613) 646-0101
Routes: The Highlands Loop

Bancroft Brewing Co.

Similar to our roads, Bancroft Brewery has built handcrafted beer. They have recently opened a craft beer store with Bancroft Brewing merchandise available for sale. You can find their beer exclusively at one of Bancroft’s newest pubs, the Bancroft Eatery & Brew Pub.

Great pairings:

Where: 4 Hastings St. N., Bancroft, ON
Contact: (613) 334-8154
Routes: The Highlands Loop, Deep Valley Run, & Dynamite Alley
Local Rides:
Highway 118 & 28 (Carnarvon – Denbigh)

Calabogie Brewing Company

As you wind along Centennial Lake road to the 511, make sure to stop at Calabogie Brewing Company. Calabogie’s first ever craft brewery has an unrivaled passion and love for beer. Their founders are humbled to share their joy with a community built with a pioneer spirit.

Next door, you can experience an authentic dining experience at the Redneck Bistro. This motorcycle friendly bistro features a homemade, handcrafted menu and modern/rustic decor, while serving quality food, craft beer, wine and spirits. It is not your typical restaurant as there is a meat shop on site.

Newly added motorcycle only parking sign at Calabogie Brewing Co.

Newly added motorcycle parking – Calabogie Brewing Company.

Great pairings: 

Where: 12612 Lanark Rd, Calabogie, ON
Contact: (613) 752-2739
Routes: The Highlands Loop, Deep Valley Run, & Riding & Relaxation
Top Roads:
Calabogie, 511 & Centennial Lake Road

Coronation Hall Cider Mills

Our next stop is the region’s only craft cidery. Coronation Hall Cider Mills features tours of the cider mill, dance hall, and tasting room. Set aside some additional time to try your hand at making your own cider.

The Dance hall at Coronation Hills Cider Mill

The dance hall – Coronation Hall Cider Mills.

Great pairings:

Where: 206 River Road, Bristol, QC
Contact: (819) 647-2547
Routes: Deep Valley Run
Local Rides:
Curvy Québecor

Cheers at the Coronation Hall Cider Mills!

Cheers at the Coronation Hall Cider Mills!

Honourable Mentions:


Who doesn’t enjoy an ice cold pint at the end of a long hard day of riding? Be sure to leave room in the saddle bag for your purchases. If that means packing extra light and turning your undies inside out on day 2 and backwards on day 3, this is the one and only time we will encourage it.

Cheers to our road builders for gifting us the best roads for our two wheeled machines!

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