Time to Prep, Polish and Plan – Your Riding Season Starts Now

/ March 12, 2015

It’s been a long winter staring at your motorcycle, which has been put away for the season…waiting and waiting for the first signs of spring. There’s no better sight than when you notice the snow melting and the cheeky bare pavement starts to show. It teases you and starts to get you thinking about the season ahead. A few good April showers and the roads will be yours to ride.

118 #Riding Outside Haliburton (13)Itching to get riding while having to wait for Mother Nature is a real pain. Just think of the Highlands road builders, who slugged through all seasons to handcraft a motorcycle playground just for you. Why not follow their lead and use this time to get ahead and plan your time on some of the most epic, rugged and exhilarating roads in all of Ontario?

Top 5 reasons you’ll want to ride in Ontario’s Highlands this season:

1. Twisty roads, scenic lookouts and exhilarating rides. Ontario’s Highland’s routes range from 260 km – 1000 km and can easily get you out of the house for a few hours or a few days.

2. Time with buddies. All riding abilities are welcomed so the whole gang can tag along- that is only if you want them to join.

3. Rider approved accommodation for you & your bike.

4. Down to earth locals and real characters mean you’ll have some unbelievable stories to retell around the water cooler.

5. It’s an honour to ride handcrafted roads and you’ll want to experience them for yourself.

These handcrafted roads are certainly the roads less travelled. They aren’t for the masses but for those who are passionate about riding, understand how time and tradition go into building something by hand and for those willing to tip their hat to a sense of adventure and the unknown.


Whether you’re wanting a long haul adventure or a weekend with the crew, the routes crafted by Ride the Highlands bring the open road to life. Choose from scenic landscapes, corkscrew turns or rugged hills, your experience on the road less travelled is just that – yours.

Here’s how Ride The Highlands makes planning your ride epic & easy

  • Following the herd isn’t your thing. Neither is eating like a sheep. Find out the best grub that will fill you up for longer than you can ride.
  • Save your back and say “cheese” while you snap a photo at these cool, weird and downright strange roadside attractions. They’re worth stretching your legs for and having a cool story to bring home as a weightless souvenir.
  • Your entire trip can be thrown into your “Saddle Bag” at RideTheHighlands.ca. We’ll map it out for you so you can share with your crew, spend less time behind a screen and more time ripping the roads.
  • Finally, grab your map and hit the road. Did we mention they’re free?


Got all that and still craving more time on the bike?

Tackle a spring refresher course at Calabogie Motorsports Park, Fast Riding School or Trail Tours

Update your gear with a heated vest. Perfect for early spring rides

Check out the new accommodations, operators and routes added to RideTheHighlands.ca

Share your plans with us to ride “Valley Sally” or the “Curvey Quebecor” in 2019 on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Handcrafted roads are our thing in Ontario’s Highlands and we know they’re your thing too. Made by the road legends themselves, years in the making – their slugging is your reward. Ride the Highlands is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year and we couldn’t be prouder. Your feedback would make the road legends puff their chests in pride. Let’s leave boring highways at home and cheers to a twisted, rugged riding season ahead in Ontario’s Highlands in 2019!

Packenham Bridge (12)

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