Top 5 Motorcycle Friendly Spring Run Off Lookouts

/ March 14, 2016

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It feels like forever since you tucked your motorcycle in for the winter. Leaving your two-wheeled friend covered up in the corner of the garage only to share glimpses of each other as you come and go to work. You’ve logged many hours watching motorcycle videos, waiting for the time to come when you can reunite and let the rubber hit the pavement. Well my friend, this opportunity has arrived.

It’s time to plan your first trip and Ride the Highlands is the perfect destination to commence this riding season. These handcrafted roads weave you along rugged terrain and past the waterways that were once used by local loggers to move timber downstream.

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There are multiple locations within Ontario’s Highlands for you to stop, stretch your legs and take in the view of the rushing water during the spring melt. We have listed our Top 5 not to miss spots to view the spring runoff.

Buttermilk Falls

Stretch your legs and experience a piece of history as you walk along the riverside trails taking you from Halls Lake to Boshkung Lake. This tumbling waterway once transported logs to the mill by way of a wooden log chute that was constructed in the early 1800s. The chute was replaced in 1927 with concrete and still remains on site transporting the rushing water at extreme speeds. A bridge is located at the top of Buttermilk Falls, where you can stand over the chute for a great view of the water flow. There is plenty of parking and washrooms available as there is nothing like the sound of rushing water to make you have to pee.

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Route: The Highlands Loop, Dynamite Alley

Crooked Slide Park

Plan a lunch stop at Crooked Slide Park. Before taking a quick ride down Old Barry’s Bay Road to this cool spot, swing by Charlie D’s in Barry’s Bay to pick up some delicious poutine. Pack it in your saddle bag and devour it at the park. Crooked Slide Park is a restored chute that once carried logs to bypass the rocky waterway of Bryers Creek. A picnic area with restrooms is located on site where you can watch the water rip down the creek.

Madawaska Valley-crookedslidepark crop

Route: Deep Valley Run

Bridge in Pakenham

The Mississippi River flows through the town of Pakenham, where the famous Pakenham Bridge is located. This stone bridge was built in 1903, with five arches spanning across the river. With a parking lot and rapids located right at the bridge, this is a popular scenic spot.

Packenham Bridge crop

Route: Deep Valley Run

Ottawa River

Two of the Ride the Highlands loops take you along the Ottawa River. As a natural border of Ontario and Quebec, you have the choice to see the river on both sides. The Deep Valley Run Loop rides through Quebec along Highway 148, while the Highlands loop meanders through the Ottawa Valley. Both loops offer great views of the river and spring is an excellent time to see the river at its largest. Make a day trip by connecting both loops with the Quyon Ferry and catching highway 148 just outside of Pembroke. Be sure to stop at the Whitewater Brewing Company and pick up some craft brews for after the ride.

Quyon Ferry

Route: The Highlands Loop, Deep Valley Run

Madawaska River

Take a break at Madawaska Kanu Centre and grab a coffee at their Riverside Café. Each coffee is brewed from the fresh beans roasted across the river at Madawaska Coffee. Take the trail down to the water and wander the river’s edge while watching the rush of the water over the Chalet Rapids. The canoe and kayak adrenaline junkies will definitely be enjoying the high spring flow.

canoeing 2014 (2)            Photo Credit: Madawaska Kanu Centre

Route: The Highlands Loop

Get a group together and make your first good ride of the season. Remember, Ride the Highlands is built by riders for riders. All of the businesses and attractions have gone through an extensive process to become motorcycle friendly and cater to your every need. We love bikers!

Also, before you head out on your trip, don’t forget to do your pre-season maintenance on your bike. This video has an awesome list of things to check.

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