Ten Reasons Ride the Highlands is One of the Best Motorcycle Destinations in Canada

/ March 25, 2022

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Another riding season is almost upon us. If you haven’t started dreaming about warmer and endless days of riding, what are you waiting for? While we may be biased that Ride the Highlands is one of the best motorcycle destinations in the country, we think you’ll agree once you read our 10 reasons why we think so.

1. The Location – Only have a few days to getaway but don’t want to spend all that time trying to get to where the riding is good? Only two hours northeast of Toronto and bordering Quebec, Ontario’s Highlands is easy to access. We know it sounds cliché, but there is literally a motorcycle playground right in your backyard. Choose from one of our four multi-day rides, or check them all off this season.

Motorcycles on Letterkenny Road

2. Motorcycle Friendly Businesses – The Ride the Highlands website is not just another tourism website listing businesses. Each business has been engaged, reviewed by our team of riders and gone through a motorcycle friendly checklist to ensure you have the best motorcycle experience. Ride the Highlands businesses understand the importance of the little things like offering a wash station, tools, a kickstand pad or a rag to wipe off the morning dew.

3. Anything but Straight – Ontario’s Highlands landscape is not forgiving; it is dense with forests and rock. As a result, the original road builders worked tirelessly to create twisty roads that are now meant for your two-wheeled steed. These roads hug the terrain and make a mockery of the straight and boring roads built elsewhere.

4. Top 10 Roads – Selecting these roads is not easy. With so many of epic roads to choose from, Ride the Highlands works hard to highlight the best of the best in the area. We take this so seriously that we even ask our riders to weigh in and rank their favourites. Check out this year’s battle of the Top 10 Roads.

5. The Locals – One thing we can’t stop bragging about is our locals. Ride the Highlands would not be what it is without the locals who make up our communities’ very colourful personalities. You’ve probably heard of the Valley hospitality, but it doesn’t end there. It’s normal for riders to meet locals within Ontario’s Highlands who are keen to strike up a conversation, tell you about the area and give you insider tips. 

6. Free map mailed to your door – Our maps fly off the shelves each year, and for good reason. First, it’s always nice to have a good paper map to refer to in your saddle bag, and the Ride the Highlands map is chockfull of detail. Second, these maps highlight the best roads that Ride the Highlands has to offer; on our four themed routes, local rides and top 10 roads. We keep our maps fresh by reprinting every two years; updating attractions, repair and gas stations. The top 10 roads also get updated each reprint with some oldies but goodies, and new favourites.

Video Credit: Marie-Pier Martineau @mariepier_m_

7. Parking for your Ride – A motorcycle isn’t just a motorcycle, it’s your companion. Heck if you could bring it inside with you, we bet you would. That’s why we offer the next best thing. Many of our Ride the Highlands destinations offer motorcycle only parking in safe, visible, well-lit locations. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for these signs when stopping at our attractions, restaurants and accommodations.

Parking Sign

8. Themed Itineraries – First and foremost, it’s all about the ride. But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s nice to stop, stretch your legs and fuel up (you and your bike). Our Road Cut blog offers various themed ideas to help you make planning your trip easier. You’re a foodie? We’ve got you covered. Planning a spring ride? We’ve got you covered. You’re a historic buff? We’ve got you covered. Looking for the best scenic look outs. You guessed it; We’ve got you covered. If there’s a theme we haven’t touched on that you would like to see, let us know.

9. Ride the Highlands Patch – Each year, Ride the Highlands hands out a free souvenir as a thank you to our riders for coming to Ontario’s Highlands and riding our kickass roads. During the 2022 riding season, we will be handing out our official Ride the Highlands patch once again. These were very popular last year, so be sure to get yours early at one of our patch locations.

10. Very Own Resident Road Builder – Not many motorcycle regions have a Director of Public Works and Engineering whose main mode of transportation is by motorcycle. Roadbuilder Lee rides these roads when he can on his 2021 BMW R1250GSA and has an appreciation for the hard-working road builders of the past and present who carved out of the forest and rock to create this motorcycle treasure in Ontario.

*Bonus Reason:
Staycation Tax Credit – If you haven’t heard yet and you live in Ontario, you are eligible for Ontario’s Staycation Tax Credit. Pack your saddle bags and stay close to home in 2022 to get back 20% on eligible accommodation expenses which includes hotels, motels, resorts, lodges, B&Bs, cottages and campgrounds.

As you can see, Ride the Highlands is all that and a saddle bag of goodies you’ve collected during your epic moto trip. It’s time to share this blog with your riding crew and start planning your 2022 motorcycle trip to Ontario’s Highlands. See you on the road!

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  1. looking forward to riding Ontario this summer .going to incorporate a few loops and roads on the ride the Highland. going to make a 8 to 10 trip using your recommendations. starting in Trenton Ont .heading east , riding Prince Edward County ,on to Gananoque Parkway than up to Ottawa, heading west to Algonquin Park, Manitoilin Island,

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